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Favorite Projects

Scott Draves

Software Art Portfolio

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A Portfolio Website for Scott Draves' fascinating Software Art.
Scott was looking for a minimalist style, to showcase the vivid colors and wild shapes of his art, written in code similar to his previous page.
In addition, there were tons of interesting exhibits to catalog,
amazing visual imagery from countless performances,
and high-resolution prints worthy of getting lost in!
Check out the site to find out more about Scott Draves' Software Art -

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Speck Products

Product Advertisements

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Variations on a Theme: This series of advertisements for Speck Products is designed to fit in various spaces on websites, like in sidebars and headers, and within articles.
Each has an animated version, like this one, celebrating the gaming functions of the iPod Touch 4
It's a fun challenge creating unified designs across a wide range of sizes and shapes...
drawing inspiration from product materials and concepts, ...
balancing and arranging the elements, ...
and of course, drooling over gorgeous new product designs!
For more delightful hi-tech accessories, please visit

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Glow Beadwork Kit

Available via Maker Shed

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The Glow Beadwork Kit was inspired by conversations with the wonderful people at MAKE: and CRAFT:zine magazines, and their store, the Maker Shed. They liked my Fire Skirt design, and hoped that a smaller project could be made as a kit.
The beadwork pattern is designed to reflect and distribute the light of a common directional light-emitting diode (also known by the acronym "LED").
The kit has been featured by fun edgy fashion blogs such as Craftzine, Talk2myShirt, and Toxiferous.
The kit can be found at Maker Shed's online store, as well as at Maker Faire events: Visit Maker Shed

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Electric Sheep

Logo & Mascot Design

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I designed this sheep logo for Electric Sheep, a gorgeous live fractal animation art project. Electric Sheep has has won a multitude of awards, and it's watched by thousands of people all over the world every day.
The design challenge was to create a sheep in black and white, that was decorative, modern and minimal, and that would look good on a multitude of different backgrounds.
The logo is featured on the project website, on t-shirts, and is shown briefly in the corner of the streaming animations every now and then, as a "station i.d." of sorts.
I've been designing animated fractals for Electric Sheep for many years, and I worked with the project's creator, Scott Draves, to create this logo design. Find out more about Electric Sheep:

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Fire Skirt!

Glow Fashion Design & Tutorial

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I created the original "Fire Skirt!" designs with the intention of making something classically beautiful that was also visible in darkness. This awesome photo was taken by Joel Crisp, and the model on the left is the lovely Mary Elisa.
Fire Skirt! has been featured in ELLE Argentina, in an article about electronic fashion: "Lo Que Viene Tech-a-Porter" by Natalia Iscaro.
The Fire Skirt! design has also been featured in ELLE DECOR Italia, in an article about lighting in textiles: "Nuovo Relazioni" by Jacopo Filippo Bargellini
After many years of presenting the Fire Skirt! design at art exhibits, fashion shows, and technology conferences, I created an online tutorial for the design for
The Fire Skirt! tutorial includes a video of my lecture at Maker Faire 2007, which was recorded and distributed through ArtFuture.
The tutorial earned a brief honorable mention in the book "The Best of Instructables, Volume I".
Connecting & soldering the Electroluminescent wire, on
Finishing the seams, on
Detail of the Electroluminescent wire and stitching, on

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Electric Sheep

Fractal Design & Animation

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I've designed many fractal animations for the Electric Sheep project under the alias llamamama. This one is "Sheep 18279". -
My design, "Sheep 18279", was lucky enough to be featured in SHIFT JAPAN, representing the Electric Sheep project -
Sheep 11909 - Animated Fractal Design for Electric Sheep -
Sheep 12909 - Animated Fractal Design for Electric Sheep -
Sheep 2500 - Animated Fractal Design for Electric Sheep -
Sheep 7664 - Animated Fractal Design for Electric Sheep -
Sheep 7283 - Animated Fractal Design for Electric Sheep -
Sheep 6606 - Animated Fractal Design for Electric Sheep -
Sheep 15957 - Animated Fractal Design for Electric Sheep -
Sheep 778 - Animated Fractal Design for Electric Sheep -
Sheep 51521 - Animated Fractal Design for Electric Sheep

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Mythical Sirens for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Artist Themes

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While teaching a class on Interface Design, I created a decorative theme for the Firefox Browser incorporating my decorative magic-realist characters rendered as pixel art icons.
Here are all the windows and icons involved in the design. Tiny flowers and mythical creatures adorn every button, bar, and checkbox.
Over 400,000 people from all over the world have downloaded the Mythical Sirens theme. I still get emails from grateful users thanking me for making their browser more lovely and magical!
Get the theme from Firefox Artist Themes: Firefox Artist Themes

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Decorative Mural

UCSD Food Cooperative

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"Wild Lily" design motif, part of a mural I painted at University of California San Diego Food Cooperative.
"Teardrop" design motif, part of a mural I painted at University of California San Diego Food Cooperative.

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